Scam Coin Swapper

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Welcome to the Scam Coin Swapper

This tool will Attempt to return any funds in the second half of the pair chosen

First make sure the contract is not in use

There are 3 Steps -> 1.Commit to swap -> 2. Send Tokens -> 3. Initiate Swap

All steps are done via this interface... 1. Connect Wallet (top left) -> Choose second half of the Pair (ie weth)
--> fill in Token, and amount click submit to get quote: --> then click Commit Tokens ...

wait for Tx to be Mined until button changes, but make sure Tx succeeds), : click Send Tokens

wait for Tx to be Mined until button changes, but make sure Tx succeeds), : click Initiate

This Site was setup in hopes to recover lost funds due to scam tokens

Right now there is a 5% fee, to help cover costs of everything.

If you feel 5% is low 😍 feel free to donate to:

The cost for this contract is high and possible that I will need to relaunch, as scammers catch on.

There are three options now,
They are direct to the pair,
NO Routing is possible with this method

If your pair is WETH / USDC / DAI
you are able to try this for your tokens

Before continuing Select the other half of your pair

Enter your Token Address Below First

Possible output
(no quantaties guaranteed just calling price for single pair)
Enter the Amount of Tokens you want to sell, or click Max -
-must be in wei or lowest decimal
(18 places ex. 1 = 1wei : 1000000000000000000 = 1 ether)

Price Shown is the swap minus the 5% fee
No guarantees on price or if this will work
Use at Own Risk
no slippage, if first attempt fails UI will
Automatically increase in increments of 1% max 20%

*** This site makes no guarantees to be able to recover funds, this is a best attempt to break through scams that keep getting better. If there are errors in the Initiate transaction (last step) that would mean that the pool is completely blocked from receiving and there is no way to swap that token. It will be burnt to this contract if it doesn't work. I can get it out for a fee to cover gas, but kinda pointless... Find me Crypto_Rachel in the UniSwap Discord***
If you have issues with interface in the middle of the steps, click the buttons below for where you left off (all data needs to be filled in).